Responsible Gaming

About Responsible Gaming

Crown's commitment to Responsible Gaming

We are committed to providing and promoting gaming in a responsible manner. A number of responsible gaming initiatives have been introduced. Including:


  • The Responsible Gaming Centre
  • Referral to a range of support services
  • A Self Exclusion Program
  • Third Party Exclusion
  • The Chaplaincy Support Service for anyone seeking Spiritual support
  • Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

Responsible gaming occurs in a regulated environment where the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimised as customers are informed and can therefore make sensible and rational choices based on their individual circumstances.

The responsible gambler:
  • Is in control
  • Sees gambling as entertainment, not a job
  • Doesn't take gambling too seriously
  • Only gambles with the money set aside for entertainment, not for household essentials
  • Never borrows money to gamble
  • Sets limits on the amount of time and money they will spend
  • Sticks to these limits and walks away when they are reached
  • Doesn't chase losses
  • Takes frequent breaks

(Tips adapted from the "Follow these tips before you gamble" brochure, Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2010)

Your Play

Crown encourages and supports customers who play gaming machines to set individual money and time limits.

Information about YourPlay is available at a Crown Rewards desks, via the YourPlay icon on VIK and on-line at