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Crown’s First Les Clef d’Or Presented to Crown Towers Chief Concierge, Ronald Maskell - 01 December 2011
On Thursday 15 December 2011, Crown Towers’ Chief Concierge, Ronald Maskell was presented with the coveted Les Clef d’Or (The Golden Keys). 
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Melbourne, Australia, December 2011. On Thursday 15 December 2011, Crown Towers’ Chief Concierge, Ronald Maskell was presented with the coveted Les Clef d’Or (The Golden Keys), in recognition of his high professional standards and established commitment to delivering the best possible service to guests of Crown Towers. This is a pinnacle moment in Ronald’s Concierge career.

Becoming a member of the Les Clef d’Or is not an easy feat. To qualify, Ronald had to work for seven consecutive years as a Concierge, obtain sponsorship from two current Les Clef d’Or members and complete an interview followed by an exam.

This award opens doors for Crown’s other Concierge employees to follow in Ronald’s footsteps and further their career development with Crown Hotels and Les Clef d’Or.

Armed with passion and a willingness to work hard, Ronald began his career at Crown Towers when he was 18 years old as a Porter with no experience or qualifications. Through coaching and grooming from his senior managers and targeted training at Crown College, Ronald gained the skills and knowledge to equip him to step into his dream role that he is in today.

Ronald’s advice to young concierges starting at the beginning of their career is to “Listen and always be helpful no matter how difficult a request may be, and to be passionate about your duties as a Concierge. It is the most life-enriching job I have ever known.”

Group Executive General Manager for Crown Hotels & Retail, Peter Crinis said, “We are honoured to be recognised for the first time by the Les Clef d’Or. We take immense pride in Crown Towers’ commitment to customer satisfaction and are sincerely grateful and humbled to be bestowed with this award. Ronald’s passion for the Concierge profession was noticed from his commencement in 1999. We are honoured that Ronald is the first Les Clef d’Or member at Crown.”

Ronald was also a finalist at the 2011 Hotel Management Awards ‘People Awards’ and named Highly Commended in the Concierge category. 

Ronald has had many heart-warming moments in his time at Crown. “The most memorable for me was in 2008 when I was given a hand-written letter from a 12- year-old girl named Tina to pass onto guest-in-residence, Andrea Bocelli. Tina would play Andrea’s music on her piano to calm her older sister who is disabled. When Andrea Bocelli read the letter he asked me to track down Tina (she had not left any contact details in the letter) as he was astounded at her love of his music at such a young age. I found Tina and sent a limousine to bring her back to Andrea Bocelli’s Penthouse Villa at Crown Towers where she sat with him and played the piano as they sang together for a few hours.”

“Andrea invited Tina and her family to attend his concert in front row seats. The day after the concert, the entire family came to Crown to find me in the hotel lobby and personally thank me. Tina wept with joy as she described her experience and her passion to become an Opera singer and that I made her wildest dreams come true. To this day, Tina continues to write to me about her progress and music. This is my most memorable and my most embarrassing experience at the same time as I too shed a tear in the lobby that day in front of my staff,” said Ronald.

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Background information on the Les Clef d’Or

The association was formed in France in October 1929. It now boasts over 3000 members in over 40 countries. Members can be distinguished by the gold keys they display on their lapels.

Within the Concierge profession the crossed golden keys which adorn the lapels of members of Les Clefs d'Or are recognised across hotel groups, countries and continents, as a luxury brand indicative of professional excellence, and also of a Concierge able to utilize a national and international network of his or her peers to deliver the best possible service and outcomes for their guests.

Established in 1981, the national chapter of the Society currently has 38 members represented in every state of Australia. They are an affiliate of the Union International des Concierge d'Hotels (UICH) based in Paris. 

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