Our Third-Party Exclusion Program provides significant others the opportunity to apply for a review of a guest’s gambling behaviour where there are concerns for the individual’s gambling.

It is not a requirement that the guest under review is made aware of the application. However, we highly recommend that concerns about the guest, as well as the voluntary Self-Exclusion Program, are discussed with the guest prior to applying. The Crown PlaySafe Team can assist and advise you on this. More information on Third Party Exclusion can be found in the Crown PlaySafe Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

How to lodge a Third Party Exclusion Application

1. Obtain a copy of the Third Party Exclusion Application form; either via the link below, in person from the Crown PlaySafe Centre (CPSC), via email cps@crownmelbourne.com.au or by calling 1800 801 098.  

2. Complete the Statutory Declaration section and ensure the application is signed by an authorised witness.

3. Submit the application with a recent photo of the person you are applying for Third-Party Exclusion alongside evidence to support information contained in the application.

Once submitted, Crown will review the information to determine if there is sufficient information to proceed.

Download the Third Party Exclusion application form below.

Third Party Exclusion Application

Additional Resources

When someone experiences gambling related harm, it takes its toll not only on the individual, but also the ones closest to them. It is important for those affected by someone else’s gambling to remember that they too can seek help. 

For further information on how to help a family member or friend, visit Gambling Help Online.

If you need support please contact our team on 1800 801 098, via email at cps@crownmelbourne.com.au or in person at the Crown PlaySafe Centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

Gambling Help Online
Crown PlaySafe Centre