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Self Exclusion Program at Crown

Assessing your current situation and giving us an indication about your circumstances will help us understand you better. 

The information you provide below supports this application as well as any future applications for revocation of your Self Exclusion.

You must provide responses to the below questions.

Important information:

  1. By completing this Request for Self Exclusion, you elect to Self Exclude from Crown Casinos or both Crown and The Star Casinos. This Request for Self Exclusion will be followed by the issuance of Self Exclusion Order.
  2. For Crown - You will be prohibited from entering or remaining in the Crown Sydney VIP Casino operated by Crown Sydney Gaming Pty Ltd (‘Crown Sydney’), the casino operated by Crown Melbourne Limited (‘Crown Melbourne’) and the casino operated by Burswood Nominees Limited (‘Crown Perth’) (each a ‘Crown Casino’) We will inform Star Casino Group as we are required to by law. Star may act to exclude you.
  3. If you elect to Self Exclude from both Crown and The Star Casinos, you must upload the NSW Casinos Self Exclusion Form, duly witnessed by an authorised person.
  4. Crown is required by law to inform The Star Casinos of your exclusion, even if you only elect to Self Exclude from Crown Casinos.


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Part 2 of 5 – Personal information

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Part 4 of 5 – About your exclusion

Part 5 of 5 – Your exclusion process