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Gas Brigades

Gas Brigades Customer Notices

What are they?

Fireballs are released from the top of the towers with vertical water walls on the east and west side of the towers. The first gas brigade show fires at different times throughout the year, depending on what time the sun sets

  • There are eight towers, 10 metres high, 50 metres apart with water pouring down grooved granite faces.
  • The small fireballs are 3 metres in diameter, the large ones 7 metres in diameter.
  • The fireballs, the largest ever created in the world, are programmed by computer with a built-in security over-ride system. Wind sensors and an on-site technician monitor weather and safety conditions.


The eight Gas Brigades along the Riverside Promenade perform their evening show sequences on the hour. The final Gas Brigade show fires at midnight Sunday to Thursday nights and 1:00am on Friday and Saturday nights and the night before a public holiday. The firing of Gas Brigade shows, and firing of individual towers, is subject to prevailing weather conditions. The Gas Brigades do not fire on days of ”Total Fire Ban” for the Central Region as declared by the CFA.

Commencing October 1st 2013, the schedule for firing the first Gas Brigade show of the evening will be fixed as follows;

From December 1st – The first show will fire at 21:00
From March 1st – The first show will fire at 20:00
From April 1st – The first show will fire at 18:00
From October 1st – The first show will fire at 20:00

For further information on the Gas Brigades, click here


Gas Brigades will not fire on days of Total Fire Ban declared for the Central Region by the CFA.

Gas Brigade operation is subject to prevailing weather conditions - such as strong or gusty winds