Terms and Conditions

1. (Voluntary Process) I have made this Application voluntarily and of my own free will and Crown Casino has recommended that, prior to signing this document, I should discuss this matter with an independent legal advisor.

2. (Operation of Self-Exclusion Orders and Agreement) If this Application is approved:

  1. I will be issued an Exclusion Order (Self-Exclusion) for Crown Sydney (Sydney Exclusion Order), an Exclusion Order (Self-Exclusion) for Crown Melbourne (Melbourne Exclusion Order), and will be required to enter into a Self-Exclusion Agreement for Crown Perth (Perth Exclusion Agreement), (collectively referred to as Self-Exclusions) which will legally prohibit me from entering or remaining in those Crown Casinos;

  2. I acknowledge and agree that if I have submitted a completed Application (as well as any other documentation required by Crown) to Crown Sydney online or by post, no further contact is required between me and Crown and, I will be issued with the Self-Exclusions when my Application has been processed by Crown;

  3. I agree that if I have not selected a minimum self-exclusion period, I will be deemed to have voluntarily selected a minimum self-exclusion period of 12 months;

  4. I will do all things reasonably necessary to facilitate this Application, the Self-Exclusions and related processes, as directed by any Crown Casino;

  5. Proceedings may be issued against me and I may be liable for a fine of 20 penalty units under section 77 of the Casino Control Act 1991 (Vic) if I enter or remain in Crown Melbourne; and proceedings may be issued against me and I may be liable for a fine of $1,000 under section 26(2) of the Casino Control Act 1984 (WA) if I enter or remain in Crown Perth;

  6. I am fully aware that, unless the Self-Exclusions are revoked, I am a person who is Self Excluded; 

  7. I undertake not to enter or gamble within all gaming areas of any Crown Casino and this undertaking is my personal responsibility (and not that of any Crown Casino); and

  8. I will seek the assistance of a qualified gambling counsellor and comply with recommendations of the counsellor.

3. (Disclosure)

  1. I agree that my personal information will be disclosed to each Crown Casino and to Betfair Pty Ltd to facilitate my Self-Exclusion and to cease any marketing being sent to me by a Crown Casino or Betfair Pty Ltd.

  2. I acknowledge that Crown Melbourne is required to forward a copy of this Application and the Melbourne Exclusion Order to the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (‘VGCCC’).

  3. I acknowledge that Crown Sydney is required to notify The Star Casinos of my exclusion.
  4. I agree that my personal information, this Application and any associated documentation may be disclosed to the (‘VGCCC’), Liquor and Gaming NSW and/or the NSW Independent Casino Commission (‘NICC’) and the Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia (‘GWC’), and any of their delegated or associated agencies or bodies.

4. (Release and Indemnity) I agree to release and indemnify each Crown Casino and their related entities, together with their officers, employees, agents and contractors from any liability, including any losses that arise in connection with this Application; the Self Exclusions or any breach of the Self-Exclusions.

5. (Revocation) The Self-Exclusions issued pursuant to this Application take immediate effect. I agree to follow the process required by Crown Casino to apply for the Self-Exclusions to be revoked. Crown Casino may apply conditions on a revocation.

6. (Consent regarding collection and use of your personal information): I consent to Crown collecting, recording, storing, using and disclosing my personal and sensitive information in accordance with the Privacy Collection Statement.