Our commitment

Crown's environmental sustainability commitment focuses on three key pillars - Energy, Water and Life-cycle management. Our plan is to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment by implementing water conservation initiatives, waste reduction programs and energy efficiency projects that make real and lasting contributions.

Crown Resorts is committed to making meaningful contributions toward reducing our environmental impact by pursuing sustainable energy, water procurement, and waste practices in all of our operations..

Our framework

Crown Resorts will develop, implement and promote programs to reduce our environmental footprint, fulfil our obligations, including commitments and requirements, by:  

  • Raising awareness of environmental developments and promoting initiatives to Team Members, guests, contractors and the community; 
  • Inviting our Team Members and guests to participate in environmental programs; 
  • Partnering with leading experts to learn and adopt new ways of responding to environmental challenges; 
  • Introducing new strategies, technologies, systems, practices, procedures and programs to deliver sustainable reductions in energy and water usage and waste generation; 
  • Complying with our legal obligations; and 
  • Striving to continuously improve our environmental performance.