Environmental Management System

Environmental initiatives are incorporated into Crown’s business decision making, contract negotiation, procurement criteria, and training and education programs for employees. Environmental considerations are included in the evaluation of new projects and relevant employees are also assigned key performance objectives covering performance of plant and equipment and reduction in energy consumption.

Reporting and verification 

Crown has invested in a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system which provides live data for measuring electricity, natural gas and water consumption. This enables resource-saving initiatives to be identified and their improvements tracked as they are implemented. Providing customised time-of-use data to each of the business units is critical to enabling a process of continuous improvement for environmental performance into the future.

Crown receives monthly reports for energy, waste generation and effluents discharged, which are then incorporated into Crown’s financial reporting systems, reviewed by senior management on a monthly basis and reported to the Executive on an annual basis along with all other environmental performance data.


Crown's CROWNEARTH team (comprised of volunteer employees) helps create awareness among staff and contractors about environmental sustainability. The team organises events and provides the wider Crown team with ways that they can make a difference at work or in their own lives.

All potential suppliers and contractors tendering to provide products and services to Crown are required to provide information on their environmental credentials and performance of their product or service when they register their interest in participating in a tender. Information such as the EMS of the company, energy efficiency of their products and how they will assist Crown in achieving its environmental goals are then incorporated into the supplier assessment. The progress and achievements of the project is then communicated to employees via educational programs including on-line induction programs, formal training of relevant employees and internal forms of communication.
Crown has created an Environmental Sustainability on-line training module for all staff and contractors.  This highlights Crown’s objectives, where employees and contractors can assist, and how to improve their environmental performance at Crown. 


As well as internal programs, Crown proudly participates in a number of externally organised programs, including Earth Hour where Crown turns off all non-essential lighting, Clean-up Australia Day, and World Environment Day. 

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Crown’s Environmental Policy