At Crown Melbourne, the Lunar New Year celebrations were nothing short of exciting. Guests from across the city and beyond were treated to opulent banquets and buffets, setting the stage for a holiday of indulgence and cultural splendor.

The atmosphere was alive with the vibrant spectacle of dragon and lion dances, performed by artists adorned in resplendent costumes that breathed new life into age-old traditions. The rhythmic drums heightened the excitement, infusing the air with an energy that swept through the crowd.

A roving ritual blessing to symbolise Lunar New Year prosperity was bestowed on each of the hotels, where guests were showered in good fortune from the Lions.

Crown Melbourne's Lunar New Year festivities were a testament to the spirit of unity and joy, creating cherished memories for years to come.

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Customs and Rituals to Celebrate

Friends, family and loved ones come together in celebration every Lunar New Year. The 15-day long celebrations are accompanied by rich  customs, rituals and practices that include reunion dinners, lion dances and the giving of red packets.

Explore the significant Lunar New Year traditions and customs followed during this annual celebration.

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