Revoking (end) a Self Exclusion

Crown will maintain the Self Exclusion until it is revoked in writing by Crown.  An application to revoke a Self Exclusion may be made after the minimum nominated period has passed by submitting an Application for Revocation of Self Exclusion. Applicants are required to successfully complete the revocation process before being permitted to return to the Casino. This is a three step process:

  • Submit a completed Application for Revocation of Self Exclusion;
  • Engage in individual revocation counselling; and
  • Attend a meeting with the RG Team.

Approval of an application is at Crown’s sole discretion. Crown will need to be satisfied that the person seeking revocation has appropriately addressed the issues that led to Self Exclusion.To confirm eligibility to apply for revocation please contact the RG Team on 1800 801 098 or email

Download an Application for Revocation of a Self Exclusion here