Crown Playsafe Tools

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable gambling experience for every guest, Crown PlaySafe provides information, assistance, and programs to encourage guests to gamble safely, and to prevent and minimise harm from gambling.

Play Periods

3 Hour Continuous Play, 12 Hour Daily & 36 Hour Weekly Visit Policies

Crown encourages all guests to take regular breaks from gambling, and we may check in with guests from time to time. One of these friendly conversations is just a simple way for our team to check in with our guests and promote safe and enjoyable gambling experiences. 

As part of our commitment to safer and enjoyable play, we have specific policies in place for 3-Hour Continuous Play Periods, 12-Hour Daily Periods and 36-Hour Weekly Periods. 

  • If your visit spans 3 hours of cumulative play without a 15-minute break, you will be required to take a break of at least 15 minutes.
  • If your visit spans 12 hours or more of cumulative play in a 24-hour period, you will be required to take a 24-hour break.
  • If your visits amount to 36 hours or more of cumulative play in a week, you will be required to take a break for the rest of that 7-day period. 

Player Activity Statements

Player activity statements (PAS) provide information on electronic gaming activity and help guests who are Crown Rewards members keep track of time spent, as well as wins and losses for the period of the statement. 

PAS are available for Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) play and Fully Automated Table Games (FATG) play, as separate statements.

Crown Rewards allows members to access statements at all times. 

All customers must agree to receive Player Activity Statements in order to play an EGM at Crown Melbourne, and monthly Player Activity Statements are made available to EGM Crown members who have played gaming machines in the last month. 

Regularly obtaining and reviewing your Player Activity Statement is a way to stay informed of your gaming.

Statements can be accessed through:

  • YourPlay (yourplay.com.au)
  • Visiting any Crown Rewards Desk
  • Crown Rewards Information Hotline 
  • 1 300 827 696

Members who play FATGs are able to collect their Player Activity Statement on request, at any Crown service desk.


YourPlay is a individual money and time limit setting pre-commitment scheme introduced by the Victorian state government. All customers must have a registered YourPlay account linked to their Crown Rewards Membership, with individual time and /or money limits set to play gaming machines at Cown Melbourne. 

Information about YourPlay is available at Crown Rewards information desks, via the YourPlay icon on a VIK machine and online at yourplay.com.au  

Play Safe Limits

Play Safe Limits is Crown's voluntary money and time limit setting program and allows Crown Rewards members to set voluntary money and/or time limits for their Fully Automated Table Game Play.  

You can choose to: 

  • Set an amount you want to spend on any given day; and/or 
  • Set a time limit for your visit 

To take advantage of Play Safe Limits you will need a Crown Rewards card. Crown Rewards members can set Play Safe Limits by visiting any Crown Rewards desk or the Crown PlaySafe Centre. 

Carded Play

From October 2023 as part of Crown Melbourne’s commitment to safer play and player wellbeing, Crown has introduced new measures which make it a requirement to have a card to play. The card allows you to set time and loss limits for gaming so you can play safely.    

You are not required to join the Crown Rewards program, that’s your choice, but you will need a Valid Player Card if you want to play a Gaming Machine at Crown.

Getting a Valid Card/Player Card
Visit a Crown Service desk with a form of Acceptable Identification* and have your photo taken.

Register for YourPlay, link to your card, and set your time and loss limits.

Carded Play Brochure
Terms & Conditions

Acceptable Identification is a photo ID issued by an Australian Government Entity or a Passport. For full Player Card Terms & Conditions, please click here.